Pixel Force Halo

All the glory of Halo, now in 8 bits



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Pixel Force Halo is a 2D platform game with graphics similar to the Nintendo 8-bit, obviously inspired by the popular Xbox Halo saga.

The game allows you to jump, shoot, and use different weapons against the hoards of enemies that you will have to fight against. Those who follow the saga will quickly recognize the levels and the enemies themselves.

Despite the name and the Halo-like graphics you would expect from the title, the gameplay is much more like that of the classics like the 1987 hit Contra than that of Halo itself, which is totally acceptable considering the game's retro style.

Pixel Force Halo is a unique adaptation of one of the most popular games in recent years for PC--a very fun game that will make any lover of the Halo saga fall in love.
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